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The Escape Room

Fürst Leopold zu Salm-Salm - Exitroom Dorsten
Fürst Leopold zu Salm-Salm

How the story began...

For over 200 years, the members of the Secret Depot have been exploring and discovering the secret mysteries of this world. Nothing, really nothing, no matter how great the risk could ever deter the brave men and women of the depot from their penchant for inquisitiveness.

Whether Vivien Burdette, archaeologist and last president of the depot, or Nikolaus Leopold Joseph Maria zu Salm-Salm our initiator, they all believed in the unfathomable and unimaginable. In the middle of the Ruhr area, the unimaginable also happened in 1946. Vivien Burdette came across an old colliery & mine shelf that was formerly owned by the initiator. With the help of the Steiger Gesellschaft des Ruhrgebiets, the Ruhrkumpels, she went in search of gold within the disused "Alfred II" mine excavation. But what she found was breathtaking.

The discovery, and the mystery behind...

This discovery was to go down in the history of the secret depot. With the help of our members, these records were decoded and processed. In the disused shaft compartment there was not only a diary of an old member, which contained sketches and documentation describing the use of the mine, but also some private secret documents of the prince and initiator, personally.

Thus, there was evidence that the mine as well as its premises were not only used for coal extraction, but some unused areas were made available for other uses.

Atomarer Ausbruch Szene
Soziales Experiment
Urianger Leveilleur, Archivar der Artefakte & Schriften (* 26.08.1913)
Urianger Leveilleur (* 26.08.1913)

The fate of the members...

Based on the entries of the diary, sketches and the records of the prince, the areas could be located. But then all the members of the secret depot experienced the same fate in a very short time. She was cold-heartedly murdered, Vivien Burdette, was the last survivor, until also with her, all secrets, also the darkest undiscovered up to this time, died.

The secret depot and all its advances were forgotten for almost 4 decades. In 2015, on March 13, well Friday the 13th, a wax sealed letter from 1986 was delivered to a family, our. Vivien Burdette had taken precautions. Copies of the documentation of the secret depot were in the yellowed envelope, as well as a key.

A key that should lead us to a bank deposit. We were thrilled with our grandmother's discoveries. We agreed to study the records. After locating the rooms again and thus finding them, we couldn't have been prouder.

The secret depot comes to life...

If there were not a problem, we lack the expertise to open the rooms, even when we managed to do it with two rooms, there were items inside, locked again. Vivien Burdette's darkest secret came out, not only had she found a space, through her studies and immeasurable work on the project she could identify with the documentation surrounding Dr. Balsinger.

She came more and more close to the conviction that eternal life existed. She had the old Steiger baths converted into prison cells and used them for her sick experiments.

We have decided to reopen the secret depot and open it to the public, so that new members can face these past tasks.

Escape Room Dorsten Vivien Burdette
Vivien Burdette, 7. Präsidentin († 19.12.1987)

I, as my grandmother's grandson and 8th president, am sure that our Secret Depository will regain members. So be ready and dive into the secret mysteries of this world. Become an adventurer!

Escape Game Unterschrift

Mikhail Yanovna, 8th President of the Secret Depot