The limitless horror Escape Room

Convent of the Ursulines, Dorsten, 1521.

The nun Dorothea, who has lost her way, is guarding a dark secret. She founded the new order for the purpose of satisfying her unscrupulous and inhuman desires. The „Order of Redemption“ was from now on their playground, their task, their irreversible destiny. From then on, desperate, restless souls who saw no way out came to her. Her agonizing death was a balm for Dorothea’s battered heart.

In the course of time, individuals joined the morbid association, and even today there are some followers who continue their abnormal games in the underground far beyond Dorothea’s death, spreading the questionable principles in the area.

Two of the orders in Dorsten have joined forces to organize the „Games of Redemption“. You are setting out on the path of salvation. But take heed; if the game becomes cruel reality, what will be your actual liberation? How far would you go?


It is an extreme adventure

100% Horror

Please note that this adventure is a real borderline experience, an authentic experience where you must sign a liability declaration beforehand. During the game you will be given remedies and forced to take substances orally (hypoallergenic/ purely herbal), stopping means your exit, forever! You are never in real danger, of course, but the adventure focuses on your fears. Should you not want to get wet or dirty, we do not recommend this experience.

Please be sure to bring towels!

Participate in the "Games of Redemption

How far would you go?

Declaration of liability
Administration of means
Oral ingestion of substances
From 18 years
Live actors
Real dirt
For 199 €

90 minutes


In a very small percentage of people, photosensitive content can cause seizures when exposed to certain visual stimuli, such as flashing lights or patterns. Even people with no history of seizures or epilepsy can have an undiagnosed condition that leads to these „photosensitive epileptic seizures“ in our adventure.


Ingredients QUALITIES: Aqua (Water), Wheat, Egg White, Powdered Sugar, May Contain Traces of Hazelnuts or Almonds, Brandy Vinegar, Habanero Chilies 28%, Cane Sugar, Red Chili Sauce (Brandy Vinegar, Red Chilies, Salt, Salt, Mango Puree, Onions, Banana Puree, Tomato Puree, Tamarind Puree, Papaya Puree, Spices, Chili Puree (Chilies, Salt), Garlic Extract

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