Your last experience in "Freedom

Your bachelor party in the Escape Room


Only as a team you can reach the game goal. The involvement of each team member and the combination of individual skills maximize the chances of success.


Pursuing a fixed goal together and mastering the adventure: The sense of achievement in a team is not only more intense, but 10x greater than alone!


Only solid communication and skill will get you through our adventures. Put these your individual team skills to the test!

Your special experience

Your last experience in freedom.

The most important day for bride and groom is getting closer and closer, so the groomsmen have to think of something special for the "still" bachelors. A last day together with the best friends would be perfect. You are looking for extraordinary JGA ideas? An adventure in the secret depot is the idea for your JGA. Because it strengthens team cohesion and really welds you together.

We make you the perfect start to the extraordinary evening. But come before your senses are clouded, because your gray cells and ideas are still needed here! Together with our partners on the old colliery grounds of the Fürst-Leopold colliery you can have a nice meal afterwards or you can rent our room and have your first party in the Escape Room?

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