The Escape Room for up to 24 people

Attention: This is the alternative game version to „Trapped in the shaft“. The puzzle structure is identical.

Vivien Burdett’s experiment is like a mad attempt to suppress humanity. She set up a fictional scenario and had members of the secret repository push their limits.

The world is at war. Great powers use biological and nuclear weapons to gain the upper hand. A nuclear missile is on its way towards the Ruhr area. The radioactive surface radiation is too high during a detonation to remain on the surface for the next few days.

In the chaos, a new order emerges: „The Selection“. Influential and wealthy people are selected and given protection underground. Underground, self-sufficient survival is possible for the chosen ones. Those seeking protection are forcibly repelled and imprisoned. Your task is to infiltrate the organization and disable the guard so that other people can gain refuge. We give you only one task, survive.

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1.5 hours



From 12 years
Live actors
No scary
10 min
15 min
Playing time
90 min

In a very small percentage of people, photosensitive content can cause seizures when exposed to certain visual stimuli, such as flashing lights or patterns. Even people with no history of seizures or epilepsy can have an undiagnosed condition that leads to these „photosensitive epileptic seizures“ in our adventure.

The video

The Story

„Attention this is not a warning. A long-range missile carrying a nuclear warhead has now also been spotted in French airspace. This is heading for the Ruhr area and will detonate within an hour.“

The rest is already gone, the blood in the veins is too loud. Sh… I knew the war would go on. But a nuclear missile? Really? My knees are shaking. I feel the adrenaline. Flee or fight. Fight pointless. Escape. There is not enough time to get back to the bunker. Where is the next one? The secret depot Dorsten! They MUST have a bunker. Stands, after all, on the former colliery. It works out when I run.

Vivien Burdette was here, wasn’t she? She organized Escape Games here. Not the fun kind where you come out at the end. The kind of exit games you rarely survive. No matter. I have to run. They certainly have room. My heart beats faster and faster. What about my legs? Do they have to shake like that when they run? Crap. Already tripping over the debris.

Another few hundred meters and I’m at the Escape Room. The rocket is almost here. Hiroshima. Nagasaki. Chernobyl. What’s the name of the other place? No matter. Race. Soon the da. The walls are thick. Thick enough for gamma radiation? Hopefully. Crap. The blast wave after the explosion. I won’t survive. Race. 

Why does my breath burn like that? Did I just hear a radio? Where is the rocket now? Do I still have time? How long until the mushroom cloud? minutes? seconds? Do I hear the detonation before I see the light? When will the pressure wave come? Crap. Too little blood in the brain to calculate. Race. Faster. Heart racing.

There. Lights. Are Escape Games still played at the Dorsten Secret Depot? Do the prison cells still exist? Exit Games? Where to flee to, actually? Here is nuclear war. Inside in the colliery the Escape Games of the crazy old. No matter. Must. Race.

The walls. Entrance. The white van from earlier. Did not stop. There is one lying there, the guards are already coming. What about my legs? Do I still have them? Do not feel them anymore. Escape Room. Escape Room. Escape Room. Only Escape Room left in the brain.

Radio voice. „Attention this is not a warning! I no longer hear the rest. Whistling in the air. The bomb is here. Prison guard in the entrance. Will it work out? Faster. Air. Ah. They drag me in. Loud. The bomb is here. Just fast enough. Why are they yelling like that? Why prisoner? Why? Breath whistles. Darkness. This or something similar could have happened in the not too distant future. Because we are still in the here and now.

With Escape Games already played by Vivien Burdette. Are they still so cruel today? Do the prison cells of the Exit Rooms still exist? Become a part of the mystery world of the secret depot and find out!

LUDI INCIPIANT – let the games begin.