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The Boundless Horror Escape Room

Ursuline Convent, Dorsten, 1521

The wayward nun Dorothea guards a dark secret. She founded the new order for the purpose of satisfying her ruthless and inhumane desires. The ‚Order of Redemption‘ became her playground, her task, her irreversible destiny. Desperate, restless souls henceforth came to her, seeing no way out. Their agonizing deaths were balm for Dorothea’s battered heart.

Over time, individuals joined this morbid association, and even today, there are some followers who continue their abnormal games underground, spreading questionable principles in the region.

Two of the orders in Dorsten have joined forces to hold the ‚Games of Redemption.‘ You embark on the path of salvation. But be cautious; when the game turns into cruel reality, what will be your actual liberation? How far would you go?


It's an extreme adventure

100% Horror

„Please note that this adventure is a real boundary-pushing experience, an authentic encounter for which you must sign a liability waiver beforehand. During the game, you will be administered substances and forced to orally consume materials (hypoallergenic/all plant-based). Abandoning means your exit, forever! Of course, you are never actually in real danger, but the adventure will focus on your fears. If you do not want to get wet or dirty, we advise against this experience.

Appalling things will happen to you, things you would never experience in an ordinary escape room. Some of you will face repulsive, degrading, or even humiliating tasks! Be warned, for your courage will be put to a tough test!

Please make sure to bring towels!

Participate in the 'Games of Redemption'

How far would you go?

Sign Waiver
orally consume material
18 Years
Live Actors
ab 162 €

90 Minuten


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