Contest the tasks of the elements

Get into the secret room

Urianger Leveilleur, the archivist of the writings of the secret depot in Dorsten keeps all his artifacts and events in a legendary place, the Archive of Dreams.
The archive of dreams is a mystical place where each dream is carefully preserved and protected. The magic that reigns there is generated by the four elements: fire, air, earth and water. Each element has its own power and helps to keep dreams safe in the archive.
The flames of the fire keep the dreams from oblivion, while the wind of the air keeps them moving and breathes life into them. The earth gives them support and stability, while the water purifies and nourishes them. Together, the four elements form a powerful web that ensures that every dream in the archive is preserved forever.
However, there are times when the balance is disturbed and the elements are no longer in harmony. In such moments it is necessary to restore the balance. When the fire becomes too strong, it burns the dreams and makes them perish. If the air is too wild, it will blow them away and destroy them. When the earth becomes too heavy, it crushes the dreams and makes them disappear. And when the water becomes too much, it drowns the dreams. To restore balance, the elements must be brought into equilibrium. Only then can the Archive of Dreams maintain its wonderful magic and protect the dreams of all beings.
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1.0 hour

From 10 years
Live actors
No scary
15 min
Playing time
60 min

This experience is a magical tour through the archive of dreams. In a very small percentage of people, photosensitive content can cause seizures when exposed to certain visual stimuli, such as flashing lights or patterns. Even people with no history of seizures or epilepsy can have an undiagnosed condition that leads to these „photosensitive epileptic seizures“ in our adventure.

The Story

Have been standing there for hours now. Much too long. Where are they? Have a Uriang Leveilleur waiting, they dare to do something. Me, the great archivist! Much too intelligent to play tour guide. MY archive I should show here. Annoying. Just because the Dorsten secret depot is 220 years old. Insane, isn’t it? What I have already seen. 200 years. People come, people go, but I stand my ground here in the Exit Game. Insane, isn’t it? Speaking of going: Vivien comes off to me. Insane, perfectly clear. I liked it. Insanely pretty or pretty insane. Goes both ways. Maybe there’s something among the people today that I like?

Shall open it, the hall of artifacts in the Escape Rooms. Totally dusty, completely clear. Nobody cleans anymore. Stupid circumstance. Why again? Still annoying me. Am not quirky, perfectly clear. The day is off to a good start. Where does the fish actually fly? Must feed this one. What is pressing there? Glasses. Phew. But not lost. Stupid thing. Insane, isn’t it? Show me stuff. Showed her artifacts and letters. And does it show me the group for the Escape Room?

Are they too late now or what? Insane, isn’t it? They’ll keep me waiting. Insane, isn’t it? Me, the best archivist the Escape Room at the Secret Depot has ever had. Insane, isn’t it?

My artifacts! Woe betide them if they are touched. Gold is nothing compared to that. Insane, isn’t it? Would need a chaperone. Or a dog. A big one. Or saber-toothed tigers, of course. Annoying wait. Just because they want an Escape Game here. At least the fish is fluttering around again. Soothing, the chirping.

Let them come, I will show them the treasures. Hopefully it will be quick. Must be nice to the human beings. Someone has to solve the mysteries in the Escape Room, of course.

Do you want me to help them? Or not. The fish. Has he been fed now, or what? It’s time for you to meet the archivist in Escape Room Dorsten. Better not let him wait too long. That only makes him more confused. You will certainly experience exciting things with the archivist. Perfectly clear.