The mystical magic adventure

Between the time, Between the walls hide many heavy riddles.

The darkest events sometimes happen in the most ordinary places. Day and night a mysterious clock ticks in the abandoned hotel „Terminus“. Every time the clock ticks and plays its pith-piercing melody, the hotel’s employees startle.

This clock, hidden somewhere in the thick walls of the old hotel, but not yet tracked down, keeps an extremely dark secret. The hotel is since the disappearance of the landlady filled with a curse. This lies over the masonry, like a dark black shadow. When the two servants who stayed behind tried to solve the mystery once and for all, they accidentally release the restless spirit of a little girl.

Leonore & Hugo want to break the spell, but every attempt to silence them forever made the chaos more complete. Since then, everyone who enters the hotel is in a place where time no longer matters. Break the spell of darkness and redeem the restless soul.

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1.5 hours



From 14 years
Mystical Dark
Live actors
10 min
10 min
Playing time
90 min
Light effects
Magic moments
Narrow spaces

In a very small percentage of people, photosensitive content can cause seizures when exposed to certain visual stimuli, such as flashing lights or patterns. Even people with no history of seizures or epilepsy can have an undiagnosed condition that leads to these „photosensitive epileptic seizures“ in our adventure.

The video

The Story

Silence… A loud TICK! suddenly cuts through the darkness. As loud, dry and relentless as if it were the mystery of time itself, which unmistakably demands its claim to finality.

Where am I? No. Where are we… Did that really just happen? Feels strange all this right now. No. I feel strange. This is how a cotton ball must feel inside. Something is missing. Where is the tack? Actually, you should have heard it already. After a tick there is always a tack. As if someone had paused the time. Kind of like „the first magic second“. The first second in which you observe the second hand of a clockand which mystically always feels twice as long as all the others after it.

It’s actually strange what goes through your mind at such a moment. In such a strangely long moment. Why is it actually so quiet? Wait a minute – sounds. Very quiet noises. As if from far away. Muted, as if they first had to fight their way through the emotional absorbent cotton. Where is this tack now? Anything plucks at my arm, no, someone jiggles my arm. Who was next to me again before it got dark? Yes, is all right, I’m here. The sounds become louder, clearer. Wait a minute … No noise. One voice. No, multiple voices. Can not understand what them say Sounds excited though. Kind of.

When will finally come the ver


„Finally. Was also highest Time… for the time, so to speak. Hi hi „for the time being so to speak“. What a Sh… comes to mind sometimes. Jaaaa is all right now. I hear you. I get just somehow do not understand what the hell you say Somehow get it I do not understand the meaning of what you want to tell me. And stop tugging at me like that.

That hurts. Probably. I’m still all misty. Somehow my mouth doesn’t want to go the way I want. Secunde mal – am I having a nightmare right now? Then it would be high time to wake up now.


„Why is this clock so loud anyway? Wait a minute – time? Clock? Something rings a bell. Something was there with the time. And the clock. And a secret? No, a curse! What was that again? O. k., one thing is clear: wherever we are, we’re not where we’re supposed to be. should be – hopefully. Really pitch black here. Must make light somehow. If I can see something, I’m sure I remember howof everything.“


„What is it? Wait a minute – wasn’t there a noise just now? Sounded metallic somehow. Yes, it is. There it is again. Some kind of mechanics that moves. Can it be that we are lucky and the door opens? Come Go on, open the door, I don’t want to stay here locked up in the dark forever like … like the ghost! The spirit! The curse!“

„Crap! The door could open! Come on, we’ll watch it, they said. It’s going to be fun. They said.“ A narrow strip of light suddenly falls into the room and inexorably widens. „And then? Ghosts, curses, black magic, time manipulation, the whole program of stuff that you can should really keep their hands off! In some mysterious way I always seem to get myself into the abar
tiest situations.“

TOCK! …..

Are there curses? Or black magic? Is it possible to manipulate time? Find it in the hotel of the mysterious
Watches heout and try it yourself!

Tempus vincit omnia. – Time conquers all.