The GRUSELKomödie for all!

Wednesday Addams on the trail of her ancestors.

In the mansion at 1313 Cemetery Lane, eccentric millionaire Gomez Addams and his family hide a treasure of inestimable value, the spoils of his great-great-great-great-grandfather Long John Addams, who was once a pirate. Many have tried to get their hands on this infinite fortune, but – believe me – no one has ever succeeded.
I have been commissioned, the client is said to walk in secrecy and I understand you and your team have the skills and the will to try your luck… or your bad luck! So I’ll be waiting for you at the villa to organize our raid. With any luck, my presence will help you fool the Addams family of the house….
But don’t get your hopes up… you may think your own family is weird. Nevertheless, this aloof, eccentric and completely bizarre Addams Family, will not only make you think.

Gordon Craven

From 199 €

1.5 hours

From 12 years
Mystical Dark
Live actors
10 min
10 min
Playing time
90 min
Light effects
Shock moments
Climbing & Crawling

In a very small percentage of people, photosensitive content can cause seizures when exposed to certain visual stimuli, such as flashing lights or patterns. Even people with no history of seizures or epilepsy can have an undiagnosed condition that leads to these „photosensitive epileptic seizures“ in our adventure.